[Dovecot] Controlling Dovecot with Webmin

Lee MSN ltdmsn at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 8 19:43:09 EET 2005

Dear Sir

I have just setup a Fedora 4SE server, with Webmin - latest production 
release and Dovecot .99.14.

The only way to start dovecot is to be logged into the server as root - 
locally or ssh, and type the dovecot command.

>From Webmin - logged in as ROOT, when I attempt to start Dovecot it tells me 
that it can't because it can not open the config file - permission denied.  
This indicates to me that Webmin is not really logged in a "root" but that 
doesn't seem right since I use root/password when I access the server per 
the Webmin instructions.

Also, in the Webmin configuration for that server - it references a 
master.pid file.  Which did not exist.  I tried to create a pid file using 
the PID (19638) of the Dovecot service.  That did not help the start up 
problem, but I am sure needs to be fixed before I can have the service start 
on boot up??  I got the PID number after starting Dovecot and then going and 
seeing the services that where then running.

The user/group Dovecot where created during the install.

Sendmail is running along with SpamAssassign.   When I start Dovecot, logged 
in as root at shell, everything runs well, email is processed all the way 

Do you know how to resolve this problem of controlling Dovecot through 
Webmin and making sure the Dovecot will start on reboot of the server.

Thank you very much.

Lee D.
I am new to setting up linux servers like this.

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