[Dovecot] mbox separators ignored

Ellen Clary ellen at dgi.com
Tue Dec 6 02:33:27 EET 2005

Sorry I'm behind on dovecot email.

Looking at http://www.buoy.com/pipermail/weather/2005-November.txt
It appears that they're using some software to deliberately mangle the 
email address in the From line  (both of them) so that they can post 
them on the web and not make it easy for the spam bots to harvest the 
addresses.  That's no longer a valid From<space> line and the syntax of 
that line is very picky.

You'll probably have to write a script to restore the original From 
lines.  For example, you'll need to replace <space>at<space> with @

Ellen Clary
Senior System Administrator
Dynamic Graphics

Kenneth Porter wrote:

> Using dovecot-0.99.13-4.FC2
> I grabbed a bunch of Mailman archive files from the Weather mailing 
> list here:
> <http://www.buoy.com/pipermail/weather/>
> I gunzipped the older ones, then concatenated them all in correct 
> order to create one big mbox file. I dropped it into my ~/mail folder 
> and started my IMAP client (Mulberry) and opened the new Weather 
> folder. It shows one gargantuan concatenated message, instead of lots 
> of more reasonable-sized ones.
> The messages appear to be properly separated by 
> "<linefeed><linefeed>From<space>". Why doesn't dovecot parse them into 
> separate messages?
> I double-checked and removed any header lines with Content-Length, 
> X-UID, X-IMAPbase, and X-Keywords. So this should look like a new mbox 
> file with new content delivered by  procmail. What's confusing dovecot?

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