[Dovecot] Chrooting question

Greg Pendler greg at ee.technion.ac.il
Thu Dec 1 08:26:22 EET 2005

Hi, All.

I've got a feeling it's a simple matter and it was discussed on this
list (i've searched the archive) but still all answers i've found didn't
solve this problem.

We want to move from UW-IMAP to dovecot, when users INBOX
is /var/mail/USER_NAME and his folders are ~USER_NAME/mail/.
In addition the host is an FTP server that uses chrooting in order to
prevent users from accessing files outside their home directories.
Our /etc/passwd line looks like this:
some_user:x:1234:123:Some User:/home/./some_user:/bin/shell

When i try to check mail on this host with this user i receive the
following error message:

Dec  1 08:21:11 server dovecot: [ID 935345 mail.error] Invalid chroot
directory '/home' (user some_user) (see valid_chroot_dirs in config

After which comes a line with: "Internal login failure"

I've tried to configure different chroot options in configuration file,
but had no luck at all. Of course when i remove the "." from passwd line
everything works great (except FTP:).

I'm using 1.0 alpha 4 on Solaris 9.

Please let me know if you have such setup and what is the exact setting
i need to add to configuration.

Thanks in Advance,

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