[Dovecot] GDB backtrace for OOM on x86_64 (was: "Out of memory" error in 1.0alpha3)

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Dec 2 13:32:32 EET 2005

On 13.11.2005, at 13:56, Andreas Fuchs wrote:

> #2  0x000000000043ecb6 in mail_index_keywords_create_from_indexes 
> (t=0x599660, keyword_indexes=0x7fbffff7a0) at 
> mail-index-transaction.c:905

Oh. This was pretty much the same problem as the previous x86-64 OOM 
that I fixed, only the last one was for  mail_index_keywords_create() 
function, 10 lines above this one.. Fixed in CVS.
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