[Dovecot] Multiple Mailstores using 1.0alpha4

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Dec 2 13:08:32 EET 2005

On 25.11.2005, at 20:30, Brian T Glenn wrote:

> I am using qmail-ldap to provide virtual users to my system, but I also
> have some shell users on the system as well.
> Virtual users go into /home/vmail/mailstore/$username/
> System users go into /home/$username/Maildir
> How can I have both of these available as inboxes in dovecot using ldap
> logins?
> Do I need to use namespaces or am i missing something with
> default_mail_env?

It would be much easier if virtual users also went to 
/home/vmail/mailstore/$user/Maildir. Then you could simply have:

default_mail_env = maildir:%h/Maildir

But if you really don't want the Maildir there, then you'll have to 
make LDAP return "mail" environment separately for each user. Modify 
user_attrs in dovecot-ldap.conf and add the field in LDAP.

The LDAP code probably should be changed so that you could set default 
values for some fields. Then this would also have been easier.
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