[Dovecot-news] 1.0.beta9 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Jun 13 19:16:50 EEST 2006

Fixes a lot of bugs. The next release will be the first "release
candidate" instead of a beta.

	* PAM: Don't call pam_setcred() unless setcred=yes PAM passdb
	  argument was given.
	* Moved around settings in dovecot-example.conf to be in more logical

	+ Local delivery agent (deliver binary) works again.
	+ LDAP: Added support for SASL binding. Patch by Geert Jansen
	+ ssl_verify_client_cert: Check CRLs. If auth_verbose=yes, log
	  invalid sent certificates. If verbose_ssl=yes, log even the valid
	  certificates. When using the username from the certificate, use
	  CommonName. Based on patch by HenkJan Wolthuis
	+ PAM: Set PAM_TTY which is needed by some PAM plugins
	+ dovecot --exec-mail ext <binary path> can now be used to start
	  binaries which want dovecot.conf to be read, for example the
	- Expunging needed to be done twice if client used STORE +FLAGS.SILENT
	  command to set the \Deleted flags
	- Added sql_escape_string() to lib-sql API and use it instead of
	  normal \-escaping.
	- ACL plugin fixes
	- DIGEST-MD5: Trying to use subsequent authentication crashed
	- Fetching BODY when BODYSTRUCTURE was already cached caused the
	  reply to be broken in some cases
	- Lots of fixes for index file handling
	- dbox fixes and changes
	- mbox syncing broke if some extraneous/broken headers were removed
	  (eg. extra X-IMAPbase headers in mails)
	- Running Dovecot from inetd work now properly with POP3
	- Quota plugin fixes for calculating the quota correctly
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