[Dovecot-news] 1.0.rc1 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Jun 28 01:34:35 EEST 2006

I think the code is now stable enough to be called the first release
candidate. Please report any bugs, new and old.

The filesystem quota numbers should be correct now?


	* PAM: If user's password is expired, give "Password expired" error
	  message to the user. Now actually working thanks to Vaidas Pilkauskas
	* Relicensed dovecot-auth, lib-sql and lib-ntlm to MIT license. See
	  COPYING file for more information.
	* Abuse prevention: When creating a mailbox, limit the number of
	  hierarchies (up to 20) and the length of the mailbox name within
	  a hierarchy (up to 200 characters).
	* mbox: If saved mail doesn't end with LF, add it ourself so that the
	  mails always have one empty line before the next From-line.

	+ Added --with-statedir configure option which defaults to
	  $localstatedir/lib/dovecot. ssl-parameters.dat is permanently
	  stored in that directory and is copied to login_dirs from there.
	+ IMAP: Support SASL-IR extension (SASL initial response)
	+ Support initial SASL response with LOGIN mechanism. Patch by Anders
	+ Added PLAIN-MD4 password scheme. Patch by Andrey Panin.
	+ Added support for XFS disk quotas. Patch by Pawel Jarosz
	+ If another process deletes the opened mailbox, try to handle it
	  without writing errors to log file. Handles the most common cases.
	+ Added TLS support for LDAP if the library supports it.
	- SEARCH command was more or less broken with OR and NOT conditions
	- Dovecot corrupted mbox files which had CR+LF linefeeds in headers
	- MySQL code could have crashed while escaping strings
	- MD4 code with NTLM authentication was broken with 64bit systems.
	  Patch by Andrey Panin
	- Plugin loading was broken in some OSes (eg. FreeBSD)
	- Several fixes to handling empty values in configuration file
	- Several fixes to dictionary quota backend and dict server.
	  Also changed how they're configured.
	- deliver: Fixed plugin handling settings
	- mbox_min_index_size handling was somewhat broken
	- passdb passwd-file: extra_args field wasn't read unless the file
	  was also used as userdb.

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