[Dovecot] dsync mirror to convert from mbox (1.2x) to mdbox (2.2)

Ken A ka at pacific.net
Sun Mar 31 16:51:24 EEST 2013

On 3/31/2013 3:20 AM, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 22.3.2013, at 0.31, Ken A <ka at pacific.net> wrote:
>> I'm converting mail from mbox to mdbox. I've copied mail over to a
>> new system, and now I'm running dsync like this:
>> dsync -u username mirror 
>> mbox:/folder_location/username:INBOX=/inbox_location/username
>> That seemed to work, with a couple minor errors:
>>> dsync(username): Warning: Our dotlock file
>>> /mail_location/username.lock was deleted (locked 20 secs ago,
>>> touched 20 secs ago) dsync(username): Error:
>>> file_dotlock_delete() failed with mbox file
>>> /mail_location/username: No such file or directory
>> Do I also need to specify where dovecot's indexes are for the old
>> mbox files, or is this not needed for mbox conversions (when they
>> are the source)?
> Indexes aren't required, but looks like it takes a while to run dsync
> and you have another process that decides 20 seconds is long enough
> for a timeout and deletes the lock. Indexes would make it somewhat
> faster. Do you have mbox_dotlock_change_timeout=20? That's too low.

I installed RC2.3, and am now using "dsync -R -u username backup mbox:"
and it seems to work fine now.

The only lock files would be those created by dsync, since this is all
just an rsync'd copy of mboxes that previously lived in /var/spool/mail
on another box. There are no mbox specific configurations in dovecot.


Ken Anderson
Pacific Internet - http://www.pacific.net

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