[Dovecot] 3 node setup without cluster filesystem

Malte Swart mailmgnt at malteswart.de
Sat Mar 30 02:12:40 EET 2013

On Friday 29 March 2013 01:18:13 Michael wrote:
> short version: Is there any 3 host (two MX and one frontend IMAP) that
> can use a shared (iSCSI) ext4 volume?
> Long version:
> I am running a very complex setup right now with two MX, two
> proxies(lmtp/imap)/imap-frontends and two backends mounting an
> ocfs2 volume.
> I would like to reduce the complexity (and the number of hosts) and
> get rid of ocfs2. I ask myself if I can use an ext4 iSCSI-LUN using
> this setup:

You could manage the mailboxes only on one machine with using lmtp over 
network (http://wiki2.dovecot.org/LMTP):

> MX01 -> lmtp:unix:private/dovecot-lmtp -> mail_home: /var/mail
  MX01 -> lmtp:inet:<ip of imap01>:24 -> IMAP01-> mail_home: /var/mail
> MX02 -> lmtp:unix:private/dovecot-lmtp -> mail_home: /var/mail
  MX02 -> lmtp:inet:<ip of imap01>:24 -> IMAP01-> mail_home: /var/mail
> IMAP01 (imap) -> mail_home: /var/mail

So only one node accesses the mail storage and every filesystem should work.


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