[Dovecot] Dovecot METADATA support

Bruce Marriner bruce+dovecot at bmts.us
Wed Mar 27 16:34:13 EET 2013

I've been trying to work with dovecot metadata plugin and posted a question here related to that a few days ago here :

I just read today (e-mail on this list) from Timo Sirainen that

>> Dovecot is getting close to having native METADATA support.

I am very curious about this.  When is "getting close" and I would guess this will be for v2.2?  Will this support be the same as the dovecot-metadata-plugin in hg or something completely different?  I'm sorry if I'm asking questions that have already been answered.

My goal is to use Kolab3 with Dovecot instead of using Cyrus IMAP and Kolab requires metadata/annotation support.  Right now I'm testing this using the dovecot-metadata-plugin but I am very interested it learning about native metadata support and testing it with Kolab 3.

Any detail you can provide would be very appreciated.


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