[Dovecot] Implementing Single instance attachment storage (SIS) with sdbox

megodin at inboxalias.com megodin at inboxalias.com
Wed Mar 27 13:30:48 EET 2013

Hi there,

as I want to implement data dedupliction on my dovecot system (eg. a users sends the same attchment to 5 different users on my system so I only have to store the attachment one time and set pointers to the file) , I found out it could be possible with Single instance attachment storage (SIS), so I read several pages about SIS as it was quoted here (http://wiki2.dovecot.org/MailboxFormat/dbox): 

> dbox storage is extensible. Single instance attachment storage was already implemented as such extension. 

But I did not found any further intructions in Dovecot Wiki how to implement it - however, on Dovecots blog there was an older article from Timo which gave some indication how to get it work (http://blog.dovecot.org/2010/07/single-instance-attachment-storage.html):

> mail_location = dbox:~/dbox:ATTACHMENTS=/attachments/$/$

But when I change my configuration according to this (I use sdbox as mail format), I just get a "Unknown setting: ATTACHMENTS" in my mail.err log.

Can anybody give me a clue how to get this working?

Thanks in advance!

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