[Dovecot] Error Building v2.2

Christian Wiese christian.wiese at securepoint.de
Wed Mar 27 11:06:23 EET 2013

Hi Nick,

good to hear that you had some partial success at least!

> > However, on CentOS 5, it didn't work. autoreconf did not output
> > errors after I installed gettext-devel but it again threw: 
> Hmm, I forgot; According to: 
> http://www.dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2011-April/058420.html, --docdir 
> option exists when autoconf version > 2.60, but CentOS / RHEL 5 has 
> version 2.59.
> So, how do we build Dovecot v2.2 on CentOS 5 ?

What about _not_ passing the --docdir configure option at all when
building for CentOS 5?
As I mentioned earlier I have not much experience when it comes to RPM
stuff, but maybe there is a way to check for the CentOS version within
the spec file, to decide if you should pass the --docdir or not.
If that is not possible you might need to create a dedicated SRPM for
each CentOS version.


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