[Dovecot] Gmail like labels, three years later

Pablo Vieira pablo at vieira.es
Wed Mar 27 05:15:19 EET 2013

On this post http://www.dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2011-June/059605.html I
was asking about the possibility of using arbitrary labels on messages,
much like Gmail does. On following replies, I was told about  few tricks
that might be used, that the IMAP protocol was being considering UTF-8
labels and ways to integrate them into the current system, etc., etc., etc.
That sounds nice and all.

I'm chiming in three years later only to know if things have changed, both
at Dovecot and at the IMAP protocol. Are we closer to have proper labels on
IMAP? Labels that help sorting messages in virtual folders where a message
can belong in several of them?

I consider "label vs folder" a done discussion (since labels can always
include folders; a labels system can always be implemented as a folders
system, but not viceversa; etc), so what's stopping development in that
direction? Have any new energies being devoted to that cause?

I just seen Dovecot is  number 1 among IMAP servers by a large margin.
Congratulations to the devs.


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