[Dovecot] Sieve Vacation for redirected email

Ben Morrow ben at morrow.me.uk
Wed Mar 27 06:06:21 EET 2013

At 12PM -0700 on 26/03/13 you (rpsuprdave) wrote:
> Here's the headers for my emails:
> Return-Path: <dave.gattis at domain-a.com>
> X-Original-To: dave.gattis at domain-b.com
> Delivered-To: dave.gattis at domain-b.com
> From: Dave Gattis <friends at sender.com>
> To: SUMACO Gattis Dave <dave.gattis at domain-a.com>
> From: Dave Gattis <friends at sender.com> is the original sender.
> To: SUMACO Gattis Dave <dave.gattis at domain-a.com> is where I sent it.
> X-Original-To: dave.gattis at domain-b.com is where it was redirected to.
> Postfix and dovecot handle everything nicely, but the vacation piece reports
> no known recipient, or if I add my address, it reports that can't send to
> itself.

Something's screwed up somewhere with your delivery. That Return-Path is
wrong: it should be <friends at sender.com>. Vacation will only reply to
the Return-Path address, so if that's wrong then the replies will never
go to the right place (and, in this case, they'll never be sent since
the Return-Path is your address).

Note that this would also apply to a bounce: if a message bounced
because you were over quota, that bounce would loop and get thrown away
and you'd never see it.

If your forwarder is rewriting MAIL FROM to work around SPF breakage,
you need to switch to using SRS or something equivalent to get vacation
to work.


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