[Dovecot] Outlook 2013 - mounting folders with XLIST

Robert Schetterer rs at sys4.de
Mon Mar 25 13:18:41 EET 2013

Am 25.03.2013 09:23, schrieb Hajo Locke:
> Hello,
> i do some tests with dovecot 2.1.7 and activated a default special-use
> config. To get it work with outlook 2013, i also added XLIST to imap
> capability string. basically this is working.
> is somebody also using special-use folders successful with outlook 2013?

yes, testet a few times, works fine, without Junk folder , cause
outlook wants this handled by it own, but i ve seen reg patches to
change this

> In my understanding of special-use extension, every client should map
> its own local folders to corresponding folders on server. Real Name of
> folder on server should be irrelevant, if a folder "aaa" is marked as
> \Sent, then a Client should show this folder as "Sent" "Sent Items" or
> "Gesendete Objekte", just like local preferences.

the "special names" are "comming" from the server and are stated in rfc


the clients decides how to handle it

additional there is an alias plugin dovecot ( not the same as "special
folders" but can be mixed "


but thats more ment as a solution for older Outlooks which always create
i.e "Gesendete Objekte" to get mapped to "Sent"

so its a workaround not "magic"

> Outlook 2013 seems to work slightly different. Outlook 2013 seems to
> really use the marked folder on server regardless of local preferences.
> If i mark Drafts as \Drafts, outlook 2013 will use this for drafts even
> in german environment. Did somebody other notice this behaviour?

yes, if you set "drafts" its used by german outlook, no translation,
just verified that

> Is it possible to adjust some settings in outlook 2013  fo fix this?

not that i know, but i will investigate, guess there are ways to fix it
there maybe some reg hacks, but dont go there until they are not official

> Otherwise the serveradmin is forced to provide special-use folders per
> every single user and let them choose how his folders should be named?
> What experience did others make who use special-use folders in
> productive environment?

my personal meanings

stay at english in your dovecot conf
translation should be done from the client, if outlook 2013 german does
not, ask Microsoft why.

Comparing K9 on Android german, the also stay with i.e "Sent" but add (
Gesendet ) after that, looks like a good idea to me, having orig server
folder name with country language translation adding

> Thanks,
> Hajo

Best Regards
MfG Robert Schetterer

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