[Dovecot] dsync mirror to convert from mbox (1.2x) to mdbox (2.2)

Ken A ka at pacific.net
Fri Mar 22 00:31:34 EET 2013

I'm converting mail from mbox to mdbox.
I've copied mail over to a new system, and now I'm running dsync like this:

dsync -u username mirror

That seemed to work, with a couple minor errors:

> dsync(username): Warning: Our dotlock file /mail_location/username.lock was deleted (locked 20 secs ago, touched 20 secs ago)
> dsync(username): Error: file_dotlock_delete() failed with mbox file /mail_location/username: No such file or directory

Do I also need to specify where dovecot's indexes are for the old mbox
files, or is this not needed for mbox conversions (when they are the

Ken A.

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