[Dovecot] director's imap/pop3 login timeout

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Mar 21 23:52:41 EET 2013

On 21.3.2013, at 12.30, Angel L. Mateo <amateo at um.es> wrote:

> Mar 20 20:52:47 myotis41 dovecot: imap-login: proxy(<user>): Login failed to [UNAVAILABLE] Temporary authentication failure. [myotis32:2013-03-20 19:52:47]
> 	So, it seems it was trying to authenticate for 1 hour, after that it timed out the login.
> 	But this timeout is too long. Is this a director timeout? Or a backend timeout? How can I reduce it?

Hmm. This is a behavior change, so I'm not really sure if I should put this to v2.1. But it's in v2.2 now anyway:


Also that requires proxy_timeout to be returned by passdb and there wasn't a default. I guess there should be, added to v2.2 also:


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