[Dovecot] Problem with Prefetch User Database

megodin at inboxalias.com megodin at inboxalias.com
Thu Mar 21 18:46:27 EET 2013

        > Dovecot only sees the PAM-authentication part)
> PAM does not return userdb-relevant information. You cannot use
> userdb 
> prefetch.
> You could switch to first ask a ldap passdb and then, for users that
> have 
> another password in LDAP, pam.

I use PAM because of the easyness of blocking specific validated users - you can just add/remove them in a plain text file. Easy administration will be necessary because of the planned huge amount of users on the system (28.000), and sometimes blocking a user is highly time-dependent (e.g. if one answers to a phising mail and sending out his credentials which are then abused for sending spam).

I would go over LDAP if there is an equivalent easy way to solve this over LDAP (easy blocking out users by e.g editing a plain text file) - is there any?


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