[Dovecot] shared folders and "subscriptions = yes"

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Mar 20 19:54:28 EET 2013

On 15.3.2013, at 19.29, Lars Uhlmann <dovecot at lars-uhlmann.de> wrote:

> To have all IMAP-Users automatically updated their shared folder
> structure I use "subscriptions = yes".
> This works with the side effect, that all IMAP-Users can see _all_
> folders in every namespace even if they do not have "lookup" access.
> This is of course not wanted.
> Is it possible to have dovecot check the ACL file in the root of a
> namespace before it parses the subscrptions file?

I guess it could be checking ACLs for subscriptions when they're coming from a public namespace with subscriptions=yes. See if you can implement it. :)

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