[Dovecot] Override quota settings with LDAP

Hanno Hirschberger hannohirschberger at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 20 15:25:55 EET 2013

Hi all,

my current Dovecot setup is fetching both the imap quota limit and the 
mail location settings from LDAP entries.

user_attrs = [...] UDBmailQuota=quota_rule=*:bytes=%$, mailLocation=mail

That is because we have 3 users who wants to fetch their mail from 
/var/mail/<username>. All the other users have maildir with maildir quota.

The LDAP entry for /var/mail user looks like this:

mailLocation: mbox:/var/empty:INBOX=/var/mail/<username>:INDEX=MEMORY

Works fine with one exception: the mail quota for /var/mail users. The 
dovecot log gets spammed with:

Mar 20 13:37:04 lmtp(2494, username): Warning: quota: Namespace '' is 
not Maildir, skipping for Maildir++ quota

Mar 20 13:37:04 lmtp(2494, username): Error: opendir(/var/empty/.imap) 
failed: No such file or directory

... which is only logical, because there's no maildir for that user. I 
want to get rid of these error messages and like to ask you if there's a 
way to override the "quota = maildir:User quota" setting in my Dovecot 
configuration for the 3 /var/mail users. For example with an extra LDAP 

Sadly I don't really know how to realize this. Or is there any other / 
better way?

You can look at my doveconf -n output here: http://pastebin.com/mJZ2CXbg

Best regards,


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