[Dovecot] Disallow POP3 from deleting messages

Robert Schetterer rs at sys4.de
Wed Mar 20 14:55:04 EET 2013

Am 20.03.2013 13:39, schrieb DormitionSkete at hotmail.com:
> I'd like to use Dovecot as our IMAP server when our users are within our LAN, but I'd also like to give them the ability to access their emails via POP3 when they are outside the LAN.  I know most POP3 clients will give their users the option of not deleting the messages from the server after they are downloaded, but is there any way to restrict them from being able to do so at the server level?
> In other words, I want to disallow the server from accepting the DELE command from POP3 clients.
> Is that possible?
> We have some accounts that multiple users need simultaneous access to.  I don't want a user to decide to set up a POP3 account on his own on his iPad or something, and inadvertently blow the Inbox away for everybody else.
> We have a satellite connection, so our upload speeds are real slow.  I think POP3 would give a lot better user experience than IMAP when they are outside the LAN.
> Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
> Peter, hieromonk
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dont think this is possible, but you may redirect mails to subfolder (
filter for big mails ) with i.e. sieve and exclude the subfolder from
pop3 sight
i blogged some example with virtual plugin, sorry german and not exactly
what you asked for, its for auto sort spam mail , but perhaps it gives
you an idea how solve your problem

for the whole situation , why not simple allow only imap , and perhaps
use folder acl etc , downloading only subjects first  or some special
folders etc to save bandwith should be possible with most mobile clients


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