[Dovecot] dovecot: auth-worker: order of authentication types

David Obando david at cryptix.de
Tue Mar 19 18:43:35 EET 2013

Hi all,

I'm setting a mailserver using dovecot version: 2.1.7. On the server I
have a couple of system users using PAM authentication and a lot of
virtual users using SQL authentication.

When a virtual user (e.g. david at virtdomain.de) logs in dovecot tries to
authenticate the user via PAM and after failing it uses SQL:

Mar 19 11:39:42 orange dovecot: auth-worker(7815):
pam(david at virtdomain.de,<ip address>): pam_authenticate() failed:
Authentication failure (password mismatch?)
Mar 19 11:39:42 orange dovecot: auth: passwd(david at virtdomain.de,<ip
address>,<T58IuUTYvgDZbill>): unknown user
Mar 19 11:39:42 orange dovecot: imap-login: Login:
user=<david at virtdomain.de>, method=PLAIN, rip=<...>, lip=<...>,
mpid=7816, TLS

Could I set up dovecot authentication so
*users that authenticate with only their username (i.e. system users)
always and only use PAM authentication
*users that authenticate with their e-mail-address always and only use
SQL authentication


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