[Dovecot] dovecot 2 in ubuntu 12.04 or Debian Squeeze

Jan Phillip Greimann jg at softjury.de
Thu Mar 14 11:13:26 EET 2013

Am 14.03.2013 06:41, schrieb pvsuja:
> Hi Jan,
> Thanks for your response and Sorry for this late reply. I was out of
> station.
> And my question is why my mail client is sending the auth details in plain
> text?
Configuration? I don't know which client you use, but in my Thunderbird 
you can configure between "Password, normal (plain), Crypted, Kerberos, 
NTLM, TLS-Certificate" (Hope this is correctly translated).

Here i use "Password, normal".

Also i can configure how the client talk the server
"Connection Security: Unsecure, STARTTLS, SSL/TLS"
which is set to "SSL / TLS".

> how will i make sure, auth is done after starttls only?

Trust your client? Don't trust your client and listen with wireshark? 
Use "SSL / TLS" from the beginning?

Tell us your client, I think that would help.

Greetings, Jan

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