[Dovecot] Dovecot with sasl/imaps/postfix and thunderbird

Noel noeldude at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 05:02:00 EET 2013

On 3/13/2013 9:38 PM, Alex wrote:
> Hi guys,
>>>> It's relatively easy.  On first starting TB with no account, cancel the
>>>> wizard.  The use "Edit" -> "Preferences" or "≡" -> "Options..." ->
>>>> "Options..." to get to TB's configuration pages.  There, use "Advanced"
>>>> -> "Certificates" -> "View Certificates" -> "Servers" and finally
>>>> "Import..."
>>>> After you've imported the needed cert, you can re-open the wizard with
>>>> "Create new account".
>>>> You can also use this method to import a self-signed certificate
>>>> authority if you want to run your own signing operation.
>>> How does he do this at scale Phil?
> It appears that if you delete all the unsigned certs, then set up the
> account using all the proper ports and auth types, then just restart
> thunderbird, it works as expected. Upon restarting thunderbird, it
> will prompt you to "confirm security exception", then it automatically
> imports the cert for 993. It somehow seemed to automatically import
> the cert for 587.
> Can someone else confirm that restarting Thunderbird is a way around
> having to manually import the certs or change them later through the
> account settings menu?
> Does anyone have any experience with configuring Outlook to use
> self-signed certs?
> Thanks,
> Alex

This sounds like you're working on a fairly big project, so spend
$20 and 15 minutes to get a REAL certificate for the test domain
from one of the countless online vendors. 

Surely your time is worth something --- you've spent two days
futzing around with this already, and aren't done yet.

  -- Noel Jones

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