[Dovecot] Limiting size of stored emails

Patrick Joy paddy at paddyjoy.com
Wed Mar 13 10:38:08 EET 2013

On 13/03/13 16:28, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> On 3/12/2013 11:30 PM, Patrick Joy wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply.
>> I have been putting off an upgrade as I need to upgrade the complete OS
>> which is not a trivial task unfortunately but is inevitable.
> Debian is designed for rolling upgrades, thus Ubuntu should be as well.
>   They're painless on Debian so I would assume the same for Ubuntu.
> Which begs the question:  why have not been doing rolling upgrades given
> your platform is specifically designed for such a model?
My provider has me over a barrel on this one. My server is a large VPS 
and the provider is running an old kernel that isn't supported by the 
latest versions of Ubuntu/Debian. To upgrade I need to move to a 
different platform which costs more and will involve moving everything. 
The move needs to happen I'm just procrastinating.
>> I may need to setup a nightly cron job to check for files bigger than
>> xmb in the mail store for now.
> Probably a good idea.  As well as educating the user who attached a 4GB
> file.  That's just plain nuts and smacks of ignorance.  Honestly I'm
> surprised Outlook didn't crash when attaching such a file.
It's always hard to educate them when they are paying customers but I 
will try.

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