[Dovecot] Dovecot with sasl/imaps/postfix and thunderbird

Professa Dementia professa at dementianati.com
Wed Mar 13 08:31:02 EET 2013

> I just verified that TB (17.0.4) won't do STARTTLS on TCP 143 without
> first accepting the self signed cert.
>> I'm really hoping someone can help me to clarify more specifically
>> what's going on here.
> You've already clarified it.  You simply can't do account auto
> configuration with a self signed cert, at least not with a vanilla TB
> setup.  The only possible solution I can think of would be to preload
> the user profile with the certificate.  I don't know how you'd do this.
>   I think you have some research ahead of you.

You can.

1) Select Menu Tools > Account Settings...

2) Below the left pane click the Account Actions button, then select Add 
Mail Account...

3) Fill in the first name and email address.  Uncheck Remember password 
and leave the password field blank.  Click the Continue button.

4) VERY QUICKLY!!! As soon as the next window opens, click the Manual 
Config button at the bottom.

5) Fill in the proper data.  Under SSL select None and None.  Under 
Authentication, select Normal Password for both fields.

6) Make sure the ports have real numbers, not Auto.  For POP use 110, 
for IMAP use 143, for SMTP use 25.

7) The "Done" button should undim and be clickable.  Click it.

8) You will get a red window warning about no encryption.  Check the "I 
understand ..." box and click Done.

9) Select the account you just created in the left pane, then fix all 
the settings to use SSL, etc.


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