[Dovecot] Limiting size of stored emails

Patrick Joy paddy at paddyjoy.com
Wed Mar 13 04:55:03 EET 2013


Would appreciate some advice on this issue.

I'm running dovecot version 1.0.10 on ubuntu 8.04 LTS.

Recently a user created a draft email in their client (outlook) and 
added a 4GB attachment. The email was uploaded to the draft imap folder 
on the server. After this the client would then go into a endless 
synchronisation loop every time outlook was opened. For example in the 
most recent case 400GB of data was downloaded to the client when the 
user left outlook synchronising for 5 days.

I know this may be a bug with the client or client os however I would 
like to know if there is a way to limit the size of individual emails 
that can be stored in the imap store to prevent users creating huge 
drafts. There is no reason they should need an email draft of this size 
as it can never be sent through SMTP.


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