[Dovecot] doveadm password check

Thomas Pries seirp.samoht at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 11 21:20:35 EET 2013


I want to write some php code that users can change there dovecot 
password via a roundcube plugin. I'm using php function crypt(...) to 
generate the hashes and everything works well so far.

I'm using doveadm pw to generate testhashes e.g.:

srv:~ # doveadm pw -r 5 -s BLF-CRYPT -p abc

I expected an "ok" when using -t the hash when entering abc as a 
password, but I got:

srv:~ # doveadm pw -r 5 -s BLF-CRYPT -t 
Enter password to verify:
doveadm(root): Fatal: reverse password verification check failed: 
Password mismatch

What went wrong?

Kind Regards

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