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Sun Mar 10 15:09:41 EET 2013

Hi Robert

2013/3/10 Robert Schetterer - rs at sys4.de <
dovecot.pkoch.74fa2fe130.rs#sys4.de at ob.0sg.net>

> try read
> http://wiki2.dovecot.org/PasswordDatabase/PAM
> ...
> This can be useful with e.g. pam_opie to find out which one time
> password you're supposed to give:
> 1 LOGIN username otp
> 1 NO otp-md5 324 0x1578 ext, Response:

I don't worry about how to use Dovecot with either SSL Client-Certitifaces
or our OTP-token. SSL ClientCerts do work as expected and using
our token is just a matter of finding the right PAM-module. pam_opie is
the wrong module as OPIE is a method to pregenerate a list of One Time
Passwords in software. What we are using is a hardware token that
generates One Time Password as described in RFC 4226. There
are PAM-modules out there that might do the job but since I have
implemented the algorithm already into our POP3-server I could
built a PAM-module myself.

What I would like to know in advance is: How do I configure Dovecot
such that SSL Client-Auth is used with priority 1 and OTP-auth is used
only for SSL-connections without a ClientCert. Non-SSL connections should
not be allowed at all.

If that combination was not possible I'm hoping to get some hints
on how to change the Dovecot source.

Kind regards


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