[Dovecot] Random LDA failure to access auth socket

Chris Richards gizmo at giz-works.com
Mon Mar 4 01:31:18 EET 2013

> In order for dovecot-lda to work, default internal user "dovecot"
> seems to need permission for the user listing. This should work,
> but you should try to narrow the permissions down:
> service auth {
>   unix_listener auth-userdb {
>     group = dovecot
>     mode = 0666
>     user = dovecot
>   }
> }

I'll give this a whirl tomorrow during off-mail time.  I'm thinking there
was a reason I did vmail:users, but it's not coming to me at the moment.

I'm also puzzled by why lda is using dovecot:dovecot rather than
vmail:users.  Does it drop back to dovecot:dovecot and retry if the
requested uid:gid fails to work?  I can't imagine where postfix would get
uid:gid of dovecot:dovecot to call with, so I don't think it's a postfix

Thanks for your help!


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