[Dovecot] Exposing masteruser info to cllients via lmtp-proxy connections

Alexandr Sabitov alexandr.sabitov at netregistry.com.au
Mon Mar 4 00:54:53 EET 2013


Please somebody suggest me how to remove the "*masteruser" appendix from the dovecot director database while using masteruser authentication.

My situation is:
- all users get authenticated in LDAP on the dovecot-director frontend
- then they are forwarded to dovecot backend as username*masteruser ( this is a way how to proxy users with encrypted passwords). To enable it a added an extra field in LDAP-dovecot configuration: destuser=%u*masteruser

This works OK, but problems are:
- I have lmtp-proxy on the dovecot frontend and I have to use the same  "%u*masteruser" field in lmtp passdb because the director thinks that me at mail.com and me at mail.com*masteruser are different users and would send lmtp-proxy connections to other dovecot backend.
Here is a problem: "Delivery-To" and "Received" fields in any email contains "*masteruser" ! I need to remove any mentions about "masteruser" authentication from client emails.

Also another little problem:
- If I run "doveadm status" tool then to get user's data I need to specify user as "username*masteruser"

Thank you in advance.

Alexandr Sabitov

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