[Dovecot] Re: 1.0-test22 - maildir fixed?

Hauke Fath hf at spg.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Jul 1 11:23:21 EEST 2004

On Thu, 01 Jul 2004 10:03:27 +0200 Hauke Fath wrote:

> Same here with test23 amd Mozilla 1.6 (NetBSD, Linux) - it sends the 
> mail, but hangs a while trying to store a copy in the sent-folder and 
> then times out. Doesn't happen with Sylpheed nor Eudora.

Replying to myself - my users report they get locked out, and the logs
show me

Jul  1 10:00:46 bounce dovecot: IMAP(cbrown): file mbox-sync-rewrite.c:
line 325 (mbox_sync_read_and_move): assertion failed: (need_space ==
-mails[idx].space) Jul  1 10:00:46 bounce dovecot: child 1992 (imap)
killed with signal 6

(repeatedly; user action was a bulk move from mailbox to mailbox, with
the /home file-system having 20G free)

and then 

Jul  1 10:02:10 bounce dovecot: IMAP(brcic): file
mail-transaction-log-view.c: line 122 (mail_transaction_log_view_set):
assertion failed: (min_file_seq != max_file_seq || min_file_offse t <=
Jul  1 10:02:10 bounce dovecot: child 10098 (imap) killed with signal 6

and further

Jul  1 10:05:06 bounce dovecot: pipe() failed: Too many open files
Jul  1 10:05:37 bounce last message repeated 312778 times
Jul  1 10:05:58 bounce last message repeated 211646 times

and finally it dies. For the moment, I am back to


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