Dovecot list

This is the main list for requesting help with Dovecot or talking about it in general. Please use this list instead of sending mails privately to the authors.

Please read the following before posting to the mailing list:

  • Mention the Dovecot version number. Use dovecot –version to get it.
  • Use dovecot -n output when showing your configuration.
    • It lists only the main settings in dovecot.conf though, so if you’ve a SQL/LDAP related problem get their configuration with
      grep -v ‘^ *\(#.*\)\?$’ dovecot-sql.conf
  • Don’t hijack threads. Don’t post a new message by replying to an existing message and just changing the subject. The message will still have an In-Reply-To header, which messes up message threading.
  • Read the bug reports page before posting a bug report. If you don’t include the necessary information in your mail, it’s only going to take longer to solve your problem. Especially with crashes please try your best to get a gdb backtrace.
  • Don’t bother asking questions about v0.99.x versions. They’re no longer supported.
  • You can post to the list without subscribing, the mail then waits in a moderator queue for a while.

Yes, I’ve read the above and I want to post to the list.

News list

This is a low traffic list where new release announcements and other important announcements are sent to. All such mails are also sent to dovecot-list, so there’s no need to subscribe to both of the.

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