how to start a replication master-master correctly

romain roms2000 at
Fri Nov 28 18:50:07 UTC 2014

That is :-)

But for dsync to work correctly in 2.2.15, You have to enable empty 
password for connection from your servers, this is strange ... and this 
wasn't need in previous version (at least 2.2.12)

For example, (and correct me if I'm wrong or if I can disable empty 
password), add a passdb source :

passdb {
         driver = static
         args = nopassword=y 


Le 28/11/2014 19:37, Eduardo Casarero a écrit :
> Hi all, I currently have one dovecot 2.2.15 working and I would like to add
> a second master server. If I configure the second server and enable the
> dsync in both servers, the sync will copy everything from A to B ? I mean,
> B server won't remove messages in A as it doesn't have anything in its
> users mailbox?
> The second master server will be a cold server just for contingency.
> Thanks

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