Pigeonhole, vacation being sent incorrectly

Gedalya gedalya at gedalya.net
Wed Nov 26 12:58:12 UTC 2014

On 11/26/2014 06:04 AM, Harry Mills wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an issue with a vacation message in a sieve script. I can't see 
> an error in the script itself.
> Pigeonhole version: 0.4.2-32
> Dovecot Version: 2.2.10
> The script was created by Ingo (part of the Horde suite), but I think 
> the script is fine. The problem is that when a message is sent to the 
> "everyone" group (and alias for every person in the organisation), 
> vacation messages are being sent back which I believe is an error.
There is a configuration option which would make that possible.
See 'sieve_vacation_dont_check_recipient' in 

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