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Tue Nov 25 09:49:18 UTC 2014

thanks for your reply

i intentionaly put the wrong password and checked the dovecot log and the message i got was

# tail -f /var/log/dovecot.log | grep "xxx at"
Nov 25 08:47:46 imap-login: Info: Aborted login (auth failed, 1 attempts in 2 secs): user=<xxx at>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=,
secured, session=<xObTWqYIwgB/AAAB>

but in the squirrelmail login page instead of the message "unknown user or password incorrect" i get the message

ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.

in my old server where it is working correctly dovecot logs shows the error

Nov 25 14:46:12 imap-login: Info: Aborted login (auth failed, 1 attempts): user=<"xxx at">, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, secured

and squirrelmail gives the error : "unknown user or password incorrect" which is correct.

is there any other place i need to check or some other config file (either squirrelmail or dovecot) that i need to modify

could you kindly guide me


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Am 23.11.2014 um 17:14 schrieb Rajesh M.:
> hi
> i am using dovecot for pop3 and imap along with qmail toaster
> i had recently changed over from a 32 bit system to a 64 bit system.
> i use squirrelmail.
> the issue i face is that when the user inserts an invalid password then the message he gets is connection dropped by imap server  (instead of invalid userid or password)
> such a message confuses the user.
> my earlier 32 bit version used to give the correct message
> i am posting this issue here because i am not sure if this is squirrelmail issue or a dovecot issue.
> can somebody please let me know the reason for this ?
> rajesh

yes , you may ask some magic bubble, or post your configs and related logs

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