doveadm backup for all users to file system

Jeff Larsen jlar310 at
Mon Nov 24 16:53:00 UTC 2014

The wiki says that doveadm backup supports the -A option for all
users, but when I specify a file-system destination (like /tmp, or an
NFS mounted folder), it just rewrites each user backup to the same
location overwriting the previous user's content. You end up with just
the content for the last user processed. I tried the typical %u
substitution but that just created folder named '%u' and had the same
overwrite problem.

My userdb is LDAP which works just fine for other doveadm commands.
The verbose/debug output from doveadm backup shows that it is
processing every user.

Example: doveadm -vD backup -A sdbox:/tmp/backup

My understanding is that "doveadm backup" is just a front-end for
dsync. The dsync manpage on the other hand says "dsync can currently
sync only one user at a time. If you want to dsync all users, you'll
need to get a list of all users and execute dsync separately..."

It appears that "doveadm backup -A" is doing the iteration for me, but
it's not generating individual destination paths for each user.

So, is this is a documentation problem for "doveadm backup"? Or am I
missing something here? Is there some secret sauce for "doveadm backup
-A" that I'm not finding?

If all else fails, I know I can write a script to iterate over the
available users and run the backup repeatedly, but I would like to
keep this as simple as possible.



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