[PATCH] [dovecot 2.2.9] Quota warnings ignored with FS quotas

Grzegorz Nosek root at localdomain.pl
Fri Nov 21 19:04:46 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I noticed that in some circumstances quota warnings are ignored. The bug 
arises when both of the following are used:

1. percentage-based quota warnings, i.e.:

   quota_warning = storage=1%% quota-warning 1 %u

2. filesystem quota backend (and probably others, except for quotas 
configured directly in dovecot config)

Percentage-based quota warnings have rule.bytes_limit recalculated based 
on root_set->default_rule.bytes_limit, however this value is zero when 
FS quotas are in use. Real quota values (from quotactl) are fetched very 
late, in quota_warnings_execute() but at that point no recalculation 
happens. As the warning rules have bytes_limit==0, they're effectively 

The patch below enables quota warnings to be sent when using filesystem 
(and possibly maildirsize-based) quotas.

Based and tested on Ubuntu 14.04's dovecot 2.2.9.

Best regards,
  Grzegorz Nosek

diff --git a/src/plugins/quota/quota.c b/src/plugins/quota/quota.c
index adbd70d..8e4d7e0 100644
--- a/src/plugins/quota/quota.c
+++ b/src/plugins/quota/quota.c
@@ -1163,6 +1163,8 @@ static void quota_warnings_execute(struct 
quota_transaction_context *ctx,
                                &count_current, &count_limit) < 0)

+       quota_root_recalculate_relative_rules(root->set, bytes_limit, 
         bytes_before = bytes_current - ctx->bytes_used;
         count_before = count_current - ctx->count_used;
         for (i = 0; i < count; i++) {

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