Handle of "subscription" file/folder for IMAP

Jorge Bastos mysql.jorge at decimal.pt
Fri Nov 21 23:37:44 UTC 2014

> So basically the behavior is "correct" in your case. You have the
> directory entries .dovecot.sieve and .subscriptions, which is anyway a
> directory indeed, so that's not even a bug.
> Move all your maildirs to /home/mail/%d/%u/Maildir and then update
> mail_location accordingly.
> Then move out the sieve files - .dovecot.sieve, sieve/,
> .dovecot.sieve.log, .dovecot.svbin  to the home directory.
> It looks like these are not system users, so you may need to set
> mail_home explicitly to set up the home directory to /home/mail/%d/%u

I was not saying it was a bug, was just asking for some advice on this :)

But yes, I've read this some times but didn't noticed the end of the
Understood and thanks for this!

I still have only a few users so I can convert them, as I don't want to use
the below option:

maildir_stat_dirs = no

Thanks for your help,

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