spam folder and POP users

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Thu Nov 20 22:29:05 UTC 2014

I am new to actually running dovecot.  I actually still use POP as I 
have for YEARS and thunderbird does not make it easy to convert to IMAP...

My server is moving all tagged spam into the IMAP spam folder.  Very 
nice for the IMAP users, but not for the POP users.  Of course the 
server don't know, and the mysql database for users does not have any 
flags for this.  Don't want my server to fill up with spam from POP 
users that don't know to check via IMAP.

I am using roundcubemail for the webmail IMAP client.  Is there any way 
for POP users to indicate that they do not want spam so nicely auto 
moved to the IMAP spam folder?

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