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Tue Nov 18 09:09:38 UTC 2014


Thanks. Like i said i read it all and somehow i have some trouble
interpreting it and that is why i mentioned that i kinly asked for some
help not re-quoting the manual as that didn't lead to a successful
attempt so after reading everything and trying everything out i tried
the mailing-list. 

the page is actually confusing and a kind user (thank you so much)
emailed me and helped me out. (the man page is actually not correct in
my opinion or i totally interpret it wrong :) 

This did work : 

# doveadm sync -u mailboxuser at ssh -p 15223
SSHLOGINUSER at doveadm dsync-server -u
mailboxuser at 

The main difference is the -p parameter (not present in sample and doc
neither is the -i parameter so please next time don't quote blindly) and
that it is the SSHLOGINuser that's important which in the sample is
called mail-user (not the same in my opinion). 
Again i might have read it all wrong but else a small update to the wiki
could be useful ? 
thanks mailing-list and the user that helped me out. 


On 2014-11-18 09:32, Gedalya wrote: 

> On 11/18/2014 03:23 AM, dvm at wrote: 
>> Hi all,
>> First sorry i really couldn't find it back been searching everywhere even the docs and its bit confusing.
>> I am using # doveadm -D sync -u * # which works perfect however for security reasons we now need to change the sshd port on the remote server.
>> How do i tell doveadm to use a custom SSH port (would love to continue to use just the ssh connection), if anyone could explain that would be great, because all i found is custom tcp or tcp ssl which is not what we want to use, as i wish to stick with custom ssh port.
> From the dsync man page
> Synchronize mailboxes with a remote server. Any errors are
> written to stderr.
> doveadm sync -u username at
> If you need more complex parameters to ssh, you can use e.g.:
> doveadm sync -u username at ssh -i id_dsa.dovecot \
> mailuser at doveadm dsync-server -u username at

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