Evolution clientware and Dovecot

Bob Miller bob at computerisms.ca
Fri Nov 14 19:54:37 UTC 2014


On Fri, 2014-11-14 at 11:46 -0700, The Doctor wrote:
> Got a customer using Evolution 2.12.3 and was using SSL and could not
> retrieve e-mail in the last week.  Got the custome to turn off
> SSL and he was able to retrieve e-mail.
> Recently I compiled SSL so that any comprimise was removed
> and then all apps using SSL including dovecot was recompiled.
> Could this be an app/Evolution issue?

Yes, but could be other things too.

did you confirm that you can connect to dovecot using openssl s_client?

If you are using a self-signed cert, did your evolution user accept the certificate as opposed to denying it?

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