Dovecot wiki LMTP description

Ron Leach ronleach at
Fri Nov 14 14:15:04 UTC 2014

List, we are planning a new configuration to which we'll migrate an 
existing installation shortly.  We are hoping to use Dovecot LMTP and 
have a query about the wiki entry for LMTP

where it suggests this config:

service lmtp {
   inet_listener lmtp {
     address = ::1
     port = 24

Does this example mean that LMTP will only listen for input messages 
from the interface with IP address (plus localhost)?  If 
so, I probably haven't understood how LMTP is intended to work.  Is 
there a reason why we want to limit LMTP to listening for messages 
from a specific IP on the network?  I need to understand that so that 
I replace ...24 with a suitable host interface that exists on our LAN 
(we don't have a host at

Apologies for what must seem, to people using LMTP, a very basic 
question.  Nevertheless, I would be grateful for any clarification.

regards, Ron

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