Understanding filesystem quotas

Chris Szilagyi chris at apex-internet.com
Thu Nov 13 18:44:16 UTC 2014


I've been trying to set up filesystem quotas for IMAP, and cannot seem to
get it to work.  In IMAP clients it either shows quota unavailable or
unknown.  I've read the documentation several times.

I've enabled the quota plugins and to my knowledge that part is good.
I've edited the file 90-quota.conf and uncommented these lines and set them
as follows:

plugin {
quota_rule = *:storage=1G

plugin {
quota = fs:User quota:user

To my knowledge, this should enable filesystem quotas by user.  However when
I run "doveadm quota get -u username", it shows:

Quota name Type    Value Limit                             %
User quota STORAGE     0     -                             0

So basically all zeros.  I've also tried running "doveadm -Dv quota get -u
username" and don't see anything that stands out or that would indicate an
issue.  It shows the correct block device and such.  I know filesystem
quotas are working as I can run "quota username" and it shows the usage.

The reason I picked filesystem quotas is because we have
/var/spool/mail/username (spool file), and /home/username/mail on the same
partition, and because it sounds like it's fast and doesn't require disk
I/O.  But I'm trying to also figure out by setting the "storage=" command in
Dovecot, do I even need to set a hard and soft limit on the filesystem quota
then? I would prefer to let Dovecot enforce quotas rather than rely on the
filesystem quota mechanism, but keep disk I/O down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated on this.  Thank you.


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