Best practise for deleting with Thunderbird

Håkon Alstadheim hakon at
Sun Nov 9 00:45:07 UTC 2014

On 08. nov. 2014 19:15, Reindl Harald wrote:
> move in case of thunderbird is always copy+delete
> that's how it works
Really? Sure? Icedove gives me THREE choices, move, mark as deleted, or 
delete immediately. I thought the codebase was the same for thunderbird 
and icedove?

With the middle choice (Just mark as deleted) I get a red cross over 
deleted messages, and they stay around until I "compact" the mailbox. 
The "just mark as deleted" might depend on dovecot announcing that 
capability, I have not checked. It IS available with dovecot using 
Maildir storage, under all icedove versions since I can remember.

Check your mail-client and see. Under "account settings" -> "server 

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