ntlm_auth seems ok, initial auth failure with dovecot2 (and winbind 4.1.13)

Harry Schmalzbauer dovecot at omnilan.de
Wed Nov 5 15:50:58 UTC 2014


I've read quite often that there are problems with ntlm_auth helper
(last one here http://www.dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2014-June/096561.html).
But haven't found any confirmation, neither it's working for anybody
else nor that it's known taht this issue needs debuging.

Like for ohers, my authentication tests from the commandline with
ntlm_auth exactly give expected results.

But initial authentication (with Outlook) fail at first, but after
entering the user's password, nevertheless succeeds with mech=NTLM.
See the attached ntlm-log.txt
Can't exactly tell when this regression occured, one year ago nobody had
to enter his password, it worked like intended with Outlook (which still
is version 2010).

Any idea how to debug? It could be also a regression in samba, both
highly appreciated applications were upgraded at the same time…


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