[Dovecot] dsync changing source permission to "root" in backup mode

Peter Mogensen apm at one.com
Tue May 27 13:03:49 UTC 2014


We have dsync failing once in a while when running in "backup" mode.
What's strange is that the result is that the file permissions on the 
*source* machine ends up with the wrong permissions (set to uid 0).

Even though the dsync manual clearly says:
"Backup mails from default mail location to location2 (or vice versa, if 
-R parameter is given). No changes are ever done to the source location. 
Any changes done in destination are discarded."

Running: 'dsync -R -o mail_home=/users/maildir backup ssh -c arcfour 
src-host "dsync -o mail_home=/users/maildir"'

I know it's running as root, but even then ... it shouldn't modify the 
source in "backup" mode ??

The error message from dsync when failing is:

dsync-remote(root): Error: Cached message size larger than expected 
(5292 > 5289)
dsync-remote(root): Error: Maildir filename has wrong S value, renamed 
the file from 
to /users/maildir/.Sent/cur/1381224782.M959810P3574.mail,S=5289:2,S
dsync-remote(root): Error: Corrupted index cache file 
/users/maildir/.Sent/dovecot.index.cache: Broken physical size for mail 
UID 1040
dsync-remote(root): Error: dsync(dst-host): 
failed: Cached message size larger than expected (5292 > 5289)


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