[Dovecot] Overloading IMAP Server

Harford, Ken kharford at constantcontact.com
Mon Jan 21 21:09:15 EET 2013

Hi All,
            I am having an issue with dovecot IMAP reading and writing to one specific mailbox. I have a check email delivery script that sends out a email and then logs into dovecot to check if the mailbox that the message has been delivered to. However, the servers that send these messages send them in bunches depending on how many postfix spools it is checking. So I could get 60 messages all being sent to 1 mailbox and then having to read that same mailbox to check if the message actually got delivered.

I am using postfix as the MTA and dovecot is actually delivering the message to the mailbox

I am getting a lot of  errors such as the following:

Could not connect to IMAP server
imap failed: IMAP RECEIVE CRITICAL - Could not select INBOX

Any ideas as to what I can tweak in dovecot to allow these messages to be verified.

Thanks for any information or help you could provide!!


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