[Dovecot] Solr 4.0 - lucene - FTS

Paul Freeman dovecot at lists-in.noc4.net
Sun Jan 20 04:02:21 EET 2013

On 2012-11-07 15:14, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 7.11.2012, at 15.01, Charles Marcus wrote:
>> As one who is interested in implementing FTS sometime in the future, 
>> I'm curious about what is in store as far as improvements go...
>> Specifically, any plans for implementing immediate/automatic index 
>> updates at delivery time? The lack of automatically updated indexes is 
>> one downside for its implementation...
> Nothing really prevents from adding that very easily ..

trivial ? :)

> I guess it
> would need a new setting, which is always the most annoying part of
> small changes. :) I think it would have to have a setting equivalent
> to doveadm index -n parameter, which allows indexing most users,
> except those who pretty much never read their emails. So with doveadm
> index -n 1000 you could set that if the mailbox's \Recent count is
> over 1000, don't index the mailbox. So .. hmm. I guess two settings
> would be cleaner:
> plugin {
>   fts_autoindex = yes
>   fts_autoindex_max_recent = 1000
> }

sounds nice, any plans on the roadmap to actually implement this yet ? 

> Or maybe there's a better name than "autoindex" for this feature.
> SEARCH always autoindexes anyway.
>> Also, does the release of Solr 4.0 mean anything for the lucene 
>> library used by dovecot?
> No, fts-lucene and fts-solr are separate backends. But I do have some
> small plans to add a few more features to fts-solr.

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