[Dovecot] dovecot nightly 20130117: dsync does returns "Name or service not known"

Evgeny Basov ya.mwork at yandex.ru
Thu Jan 17 15:31:33 EET 2013


I have this settings of imapc:

# doveconf -a | grep imapc
imapc_features =
imapc_host =
imapc_list_prefix =
imapc_master_user =
imapc_max_idle_time = 29 mins
imapc_password =
imapc_port = 143
imapc_rawlog_dir =
imapc_ssl = no
imapc_ssl_ca_dir =
imapc_ssl_verify = yes
imapc_user = %u

and try to sync mailbox on old server and new one:

$ dsync -o imapc_user="user at example.org" -o  imapc_password="pass"  -o
imapc_host=imap.example.org -o imapc_features=rfc822.size -o
mailbox_list_index=no  backup -R -f -u "user at example.org" imapc:

get this error:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname remote: Name or service not known
dsync-local(basov at megagroup.ru): Error: read(remote) failed: EOF
dsync-local(basov at megagroup.ru): Error: Remote command returned error 255

In this time new dovecot finds local user:

2013-01-17T17:21:29.837415+04:00 imap1 dovecot: auth: Debug: userdb out:
USER#0111#011user at example.org#011home=/var/vmail/example.org/user/#011quota2_rule=*:storage=40M#011nodelay=Y#011uid=999#011gid=999

I don't understand what's mean under 'hostname remote'. What hostname?
Is it bug or incorrect settings?

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